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Fibre Broadband Service Satisfaction Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your Fibre Broadband (FBB) Internet access, FBB will allow you to cancel your service agreement within the first 30 days after your service delivery / activation and installation with no further contractual obligations subject to the ‘ Satisfaction Guarantee’ terms and conditions outlined below;

1. This Satisfaction Guarantee only applied to onnet FBB installed and supplied Fibre Internet / fibre connectivity not to NBN or 3rd party provided service links; and

2. Speed Tests conducted with a Cat6 cable at the FBB service delivery modem, router at your premises to its equivalent or later replacement will be deemed the most accurate speed test for service delivery and will be the basis of proven speed delivery to customer; and

3. Speed Tests / reports within your internal network or on WiFi access will not be considered a reliable measure of FBB delivered internet access; and

4. Data Transfers speeds to random websites / 3rd party hosting providers will not be basis for proving general internet speed tests; and

5. You must have contacted FBB in writing / email within the first seven (7) days after your service installation start date outlining in detail any FBB related supplied service issues; and

6. You must have allowed FBB staff to attend your office within the first fourteen (14) days after your service installation Start Date to discuss with you and address any speed / service issues; and

7. You must have implement within your internal network any and all suggested FBB network enhancements to improve your internal internet access; and

8. You will not use your internal non FBB supplied equipment / cabling / WiFi as a basis to cancel your FBB service agreement; and

9. Cancellation must be submitted in writing along with our service cancellation form within the first thirty (30) days from your service installation start date; and

10. You accept that any cancellation during the service contracted term eg; 36 months, after the first thirty (30) days will be deemed an early cancellation of our service agreement and you will be liable for service fees, charges as well as installation costs we would have reasonably incurred to deliver you the service.

E&EO – JULY 2023