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Powerful internet, reliable network

Our Fibre Network

Success is measured by the speed by which ideas and information can be transferred.

At Fibre Broadband we use Australian Manufactured fibre-optic cables that allow data to travel at extreme speeds – providing unparalleled data/internet speeds and capacities.

The benefits of fibre are vast

There are many reasons as to why fibre-optic internet is the way of the future.

We live in a data-hungry world. So speed is important, but there are many more benefits to fibre, such as:


Experience fast speeds up to 10gbit/sec.


Fibre-optic cables are much stronger and are resistant to human and electrical interference.


Move more to the cloud, download and upload huge files easily, and see improved collaboration between employees.


While you might see upfront installation costs, fibre has less maintenance cost and gives long-term savings.

Faster Speeds

Have all the bandwidth you require at your fingertips to work on even the most complex programs. From design to modelling, fast gigabit speeds up to 100 Gbits/sec allow you to work at your pace.

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More Reliability

Experience less downtime while having powerful internet designed to give you access any time of the day.

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A few things we excel at

If you need high-speed professional-grade internet, let’s talk.
Dedicated Fibre

Never share fibre with other businesses. We run exclusive fibre from your office direct to our network.

Internet Services

We provide highly reliable fibre broadband internet access.

Dark Fibre

Run dark fibre between two or more buildings for your ultimate dedicated private network.

Diverse Paths

Add a second route out of your building to ensure internet uptime and create redundancy. Where required high redundancy and availability is possible through multiple technologies and diverse providers.