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About Us

We offer high speed solutions for every business

Our Mission

Communications networks and the services supported by them have become increasingly important to business procedures. As new services are introduced, organisations find more ways to collaborate over the Internet. In relation to these activities, our goal is to provide professionalism in networking capability, reliability and support.

We aim to provide best connectivity and networking solutions anywhere in Australia.

We aim to support an extensive network of local suppliers all over Australia, organizing all telecom services and making them fully accessible to customers.

Our Network

What We Do

At Fiber Broadband we partner with businesses to deliver fibre, managed ethernet connectivity, collocation and voice solutions.

We are led by a team of industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience utilising the latest generation of high-speed networking equipment from vendors including Cisco, Juniper and Ericsson.

Our Services

Our Future

Within the coming years, we want to expand and empower businesses by extending our network footprint to provide more services to more businesses.

Our Business Goals and Objectives is to offer unparalleled customer service and support, providing reliable, dependable, customized solutions to our business customers.

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A Few Business Services We Offer


Offering speeds of up to 10gbit/sec, our fibre network provides a secure way to provide internet that works at the pace you require.

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Fibre Lease
Between Buildings

Connect two buildings with a fibre cable to experience no interrupting connections.

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Add a diverse path to maximize internet uptime and form redundancy.

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